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2021 Works

Phoenix Rebirth (2021)  alloy foil , acrylic on wood panel
Phoenix rebirth (2020).jpg

猥雑色浄Color Cleanser series

New Painting Series of Noum in 2021. The specific colors include more colors than we recognize, along with the memory of that color and the mutual memory of adjacent The world we see is always full of information tricks to stimulate and react to memory fragments. It is important to cleanse the myriad of information in this world with the noise of color to restore clear thinking and discern the truth.


Color Cleanser No.9 (2021)
Acrylic on Canvas, 910mm×652mm


Color Cleanser Series other works

Fall Wheel - Rotation by pre-made earth (2021)
 Acrylic on Canvas, 910mm×652mm

A scene to that bicycle wheel. It is a window to all samsara, the ever-changing world, enlightenment, and the desire to have it all.

Resistance (2021) Mixed Media
Resistance to Digital Scanner

This work was born from one scan error that occurred while scanning a total of a thousand and several hundred calligraphy works. It is the scars of resistance to uniformity that have been repeated historically around the world,

Silent flame the crack sound of the music (2021)

Silver foil , acrylic on wood panel, 1167×803 ×2 panels

IMG_20211108_184343 (2).jpg

No thought digested on the border of purgatory gazes into your eyes (2021)

Alloy foil , acrylic on wood panel, 1167×803 ×2 panels

IMG_20211108_184007 (2)h.jpg

About digital works. Our digital work is basically unique piece (= don't have edition). In addition to printing and shipping the work, NFTs can be issued and sent to the owner's digital wallet upon the buyer's request. 

Noum NFTs  digital Art 

FT's digital art project has been launched.


Opticallusion Series

NFTs collectable series that combines a kaleidoscope series and an optical illusion.

Movable Graphic notation series
This graphic notation for has been released as NFT,
The owner can use the master file onto a projector (or share the screen when streaming performance)and follow the rules of the instructions to actually play the music piece.

Tile Music Series

It is an music piece with the concept that one song is completed when multiple different NFT music tracks are played on different music player at the same time (or played side by side in a DAW).

e.g. all the owners of each track bring a music player and play the sound at the same time to experience three-dimensional music with multi-audio music depending on the distance. 
(In addition, each owner can walk around to change the way the music is heard. so, It's a simple song, but I think you can experience a lot of ways to hear it.)

Performance 2021(trial)


Digest of past year's works

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