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Noum NFTs

This is the release of Noum art work by NFT ( Non-Fungible Token )
you can see the link below,


Opticallusion Series

Mini Kaleido series using my Noum Artworks as material.
It was difficult to show the color variations of all the works in my video works and live performances, but I am happy to be able to show a lot of things in this format. It's not just to collect, but this piece also comes with an extra effect to keep looking at the center point to create an optical illusion and experience a pseudo-psychedelic visual video-like sensation for a short while. (It is difficult to feel this in the mini window preview, so I recommend going to the individual pages.)

Noum graphic notation Series

Movable Graphic notation for 7 performers. Life acts a repetitive pattern of thought brought about by one's environment and relationships with one's surroundings. However, Changes in the environment beyond human knowledge and accidental encounters give new options to thinking patterns. It's up to you how to choose it. This graphic notation has been released as NFT, The owner can use the master file onto a projector (or share the screen when streaming performance)and follow the rules of the instructions to actually play the music piece. This piece has 2 movement, also, series is scheduled to be released in 7 types in total. all can be used with actually performance under different rules.

Tile Music Series

It is an music piece with the concept that one song is completed when multiple different NFT music tracks are played on different music player at the same time (or played side by side in a DAW).

Of course, it's fun to collect all the songs yourself, but my personal recommendation is that all the owners of each track bring a music player and play the sound at the same time to experience three-dimensional music with multi-audio music depending on the distance. 
(In addition, each owner can walk around to change the way the music is heard. so, It's a simple song, but I think you can experience a lot of ways to hear it.)

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