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Created by ©Hiroshi Mehata (since 2015)

2020 Latest works

The final ending knew the heartbeat of the cell at the beginning (2020)

Landscape with Window, Coffee Cup and Sanitary Napkin (2020)

The last aides of the dynasty saw the sacrifice of thin silk curtains between the judgments of heaven (2020)

A scar from the clouds came back over a decade or so ago, but he had already discarded the lid and heater connection plug that would block the steam engine, so he tried to find a replacement. There was only liquid (2020)

Twenty afterimages of the spirit (2020)

I'll be forgotten as small as sand, like a galaxy when I decay(2020)

Time Passed again and again - Bouncy moment 1000 years  (2020)
Reconstructed and colored based on Tibetan Buddhist drawing

Bluesmoke and water, scales are inverted again -Shadow Noum Nega (2020)

Claw marks know the traces of the heart twice (2020)

lose the distinction between flowers and galaxtic end with its steam, Finally, make zero and one to 17 (2020)

I will disappear here before being forgotten the moment  Eyeball refraction is adjusted to that view (2020)

Video work for george christian "Longes" (2020)
(I was in charge of the video editing of George Christian's work.)