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Created by ©Hiroshi Mehata (since 2015)


Band / Unit


Experimental multi-entertainment Band

@ Ende Tymes 7, Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

Shogo HaraguchiとMehata Sentimental Legendによる実験的エンターテインメント組合。




Gaiamamoo is an experimental improvisation unit formed in 2012 by two musicians based in Tokyo. Shogo Haraguchi (fretless bass/pedals/iPad) and Mehata Sentimental Legend (vocal/electronics). They started to play around Koenji, toured four northern and southern cities in Spain next year. And they extend their performance field not only at gig venues but also they performed at art galleries with visual video. Thorough the experience, they gradually made their own style and found a way out of sounds of Japanese origin which are flavors of Japanoise and Noh. Then creatively and experimentally shift them to fit their improvisation. In 2015, they were chosen by festival Sound Live Tokyo which is organized by PARC and performed on “New Sound Sanctuary” at SDLX, Tokyo Roppongi. Carried out their first NYC tour in 2016, and one of their performance “Live at The Sump” was streamcast on Ridgewood Radio show from NY. They appeared on Festes Majors Alternatives de Vallcarca 2016 (Barcelona, Spain) and 8 hours modern Japanoise marathon Festival GIGANOISE 2 (Tokyo, Japan, 2016). official website  https://gaiamamoo.wixsite.com/official

Il Offre Sa Confiance Et Son Amour

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Ambient Abstract Electronica Improvisation Duo by


Kentaro Nagata  

Mehata Sentimental Legend


since 2012 
had reeased casette Album [MDM Communication] from Ginjoha Japan Label in 2013


Kentaro NagataとMehata Sentimental Legendによる電子音楽ユニット。




Free Improvisation / Electronic Band

Yukihiro Kakimoto

Masahiko Ueji

Mehata Sentimental Legend

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