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2023 The Color Cleanser


The Color Cleanser," mehata's first solo exhibition in seven years, was held at Galeri Lorong in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Thanks to the large number of visitors, the duration of the exhibition was extended.
This exhibition is a collaborative project with the curator Ope'e Wardany

This exhibition was designed not only for visitors to appreciate the paintings, but also to use an application that converts the color values of the photographs into sound, so that the act of photographing the paintings with smartphone becomes part of a participatory sound installation.

In addition, the same space as the venue was reproduced on a 3d game application, so that after viewing the entire venue, visitors could switch to a virtual space where fantasy was mixed in and tour the venue once more.

The sound that you hear when you play the activities in the game also becomes a part of the sound installation.

Color Cleanser Extension App(only android)

Exploring the boundary between real and 3D virtual while experiencing the same 3D space as the gallery at the actual site.
In the game, there are several imaginary rooms in which sounds are produced by moving around using a smartphone.


Color Sound Generator (web Browser app)


Use the web app that synthesizes sounds based on the color information in the photo which the visitor took.
Add sound to the ambient music playing in the venue by generating sound(single tone) from the photos taken by the viewers themselves with their smartphones and playing it in the Space.
Create music that can only be created on the spot with people make and play sounds at each different timings.
For the audience, which sounds will be assigned will be determined by the ratio of colors of photos they have taken, so in addition to the fun of choosing their favorite colors and taking photos, they will also have the experience of being a part of the music in the space through the act itself.

Moon Echo App (web Browser App)


Presented at the Makassar Biennale 2019, Moon Echo is now a web browser-powered app.
Audiences can experience this app using their own smartphones and earphones.
Talk with other audience members at the venue through this app.

Moon echo: It is an application that can delay your own voice.
By listening to your own voice with a delay, you can understand what tone you usually use when speaking to others and how the person receiving your words feels. ※Under construction (now server has error)

Color Cleanser Mug (limited goods)



Color Cleanser Mug

From Hiroshi's painting "The Color Cleanser No. 11"

Limited Edition

10 pcs only


Mug only: IDR 50K

Mug + Chocolate (Hot/Cold): IDR 60K

Mug + Coffee with palm sugar (Hot/Cold): IDR 60K

Exhibition & After: IDR 70K (mug only)

Get it at Galeri Lorong & Saorsa Cafe Selatan!


Florence Biennale 2023

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