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2022 Works

Resistance V2


The admirations of the clouded flame

The admirations of the clouded flame (2022).jpg

New Album Chicagobihiro


Crack series

Acrylic on Canvas, 1164mm×910mm
Crack no2.jpg
Crack no3 .jpg

Color Cleanser 2022

Acrylic on Canvas, 1164mm×910mm

Creation Q’s

Digital Drawing, variable size

Color Cleanser Cleansing Spots

Acrylic, Alloy foil on Canvas, diameter 30cm

QR code Tracks migration 3D pre-complete ver- Makassar Biennale 2019

This is a 3D App version of a sound interactive installation using a QR code exhibited at Makassar Biennale 2019, Makassar, Indonesia. Audiences scan the 40 different QR codes displayed at the venue on their smartphones and play the music track on there. The shape of the music changes depending on the number of visitors and the timing of playing the track. The QR code includes different sound parts and local soundscapes, and the music changes depending on the timing or combination and number of people as “Encounter music” for this space. In addition, it is a work that allows making one music piece by many people accessing different QR codes simultaneously.
On the App, you can read QR code with your smartphone and you also join as part of audience.

You can Download and Play Pre-release Version from this Link directly (windows 64 bit version Only.) for free

This work can be re-composed in cities around the world using this format.


1798 United States Freedom Paper Manumissions NFT

Shiba-Tairan Sound Tracks

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