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T-shirts that refuse to be worn (2020)

In this world, every information became immortal.
However, many of them disappear before being recognized.
Therefore, the act of being - forgotten temporarily - may be a precious process for the development of our connection between identity and culture.

As a result of experiments in the 20th century on recognition of various human objects, we were able to experience the beauty and listen to music with "sign and presence". Well, can we wear clothes with them, will it fulfill the "identity and vanity"?
That identity is like the naked king in the "THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES" and it's like a sand vessel.

They have the right to refuse to wear even products designed to be worn. That is, from the moment they allow them to exercise their rights, they leave the role and turn into a custom-made decorative screen.
They will realize that they see themselves from the sight through the mirror, fictitious touches, and forgotten sounds.
Sound Reverb Never Disappear.

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