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Post- the Future series  (2020)

The "future" for me in the past was over.
Thus, here. I had realized that I am living in my "post-future" world.
A series of decaying moments with different time speeds give a big splash.
Perhaps it's time to spread the ripples for the future of the world, rather than investing in my or our future.

This is a visualization of the sound of life from my experience in the dark sea.

This monochrome reflects the state of my mind. In other words, it was my own time that had been lost so far.
You will probably know. Excavations to unravel the identity of my afflictions have shown that countless moral shields of guilty thorns have been unknowingly inserted into the deepest, The degree of refraction of light that was recognized as color.
My mind, unaware of how to rescue, keeps spiritual peace by leaving traces of afterimages here.

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