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Installation 2014  Roar of the Shin-Ku(Vacuo)

/Gamelan that has lost sound, Works for Forest Project Indonesia 2014 

Plastic Bowls, Metal Bells, Japanese Fan, sound and Video projection,  Form will vary flexibly by the exhibition Space

Hiroshi-Mehata-Roar-of-Shin-Ku-in Indonesia.jpg
Roar Of Shin Ku 2014
Installation Roar of Shin Ku 2014
Roar of Shin Ku 2014

Sound Tracks: Roar of Shin Ku (2014)



Now, The world is losing sound. 

We lost the forest cannot listen to sound again.

I use the traditional Japanese lacquerware, 

I was represented as an image of the sounds and instrument of the gamelan in my brain. 


This is a musical instrument. But, they have no sound. On the surface.


From the title and visual information shown here, that I want to convey is the process of the sound image that occurs in the brain, each associate has. 

Shown at the same time is the process of imagination that people have. 


In the middle of a cultural formation,

people have the ability to make change the different cultures adapting for their land.

I named this as “misunderstanding”.

I am interested in the process at the moment of the brain that people touch for the first time in different cultures.

In less information, To cover the knowledge missing,

People use their imagination.

that is the Past memories of their own that are stored in the unconscious area.

each particular keyword leads to randomly at the moment.

I think the secret of its ability exists in there.


Structure of this work can be found in the conversion of the keyword.



This work was exhibited at Forest Project, Gerimisungu Production, Jogja National Museum (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) 2014


Symbol Art:

Noum Karura / Garuda Noum (2014)

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