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Hyoui Noum Drawings 2015

Hiroshi Mehata HyouiNoum

The new concept of Noum Drawing series since 2015:

Concept Noum is like a logo mark of the source of Images included public information and memories.

It to possession to everything.

Your memories are like a screenshot,

Save the entire image that contains a space.

These are the symbol (logo)of the images that were stacked like a 3D printer.

Substances with no images do not exist.

In other words, this is what it is parasitic on all substance.



Hyoui Noum - Hand Left (2015) Hand right (2015)

Countless face peek through a gap of α wave  (2016)

Hyoui Noum - Alphabet works

Hiroshi Mehata HyouiNoum2

I will start the service to print your favorite words.

Print requests to Contact.

Noum Visionoise /

Distortion-woh-phaser-booster-treble 6- mid 5- bass8(2015)

sample Preview 



More precise color and composition : digital drawings are here.

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