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(Since 2015) Noum Zeccyou Fusionoum - Nishiki Storage Jyu boku 

represent the memory of color Japanese art history that is in my memory, by fusing the Noum digital drawing 

Work Variation ( in addition there are also many variations except the following.)

we who live modern have TIME distance between tradition.

so, When we capture the tradition of own country, we can do making to convert to the "distance

from history Time" from the Geographical distance of culture.

Landscape I am watching is The landscape of the world that have been misunderstood in my brain.

I capture the distance between the world and myself to misunderstanding in the brain.


prepared a lot of variations. please feel free to contact

 hanging scroll processing

These are the processing as Japanese traditional hanging scroll. 1300mm×610mm (Whole size)
was processed by First class Japanese Mounting specialty store Koubidou

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