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NEW Collab Poject GISMOS

New collab project GISMOS (Cosmos solo and GAIAMAMAOO recorded in 2019) !!!! Just released from Cosmos solo in Denmark !! :))) Free download!! Check it out ;))

I was so honored to have such a great opportunity and experience with great professional musicians in Denmark.

please check here also ↓↓

Kosmos Solo



1. Miniboss Defeat Theme

2. Haruo Nakajima

3. Step into Meikai

4. Slumber Theme


Hiroshi Mehata, Shogo Haraguchi,

Aske Krammer, Emil Brahe, Andrew Dorman, Louise Lindhardtsen.

Recorded in Kosmos Solo HQ 4th of November 2019.

Produced by Emil Brahe.


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