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New Album "ChicagObihiro" released

A new album has been released.

From Asian Improv Records (US).

This album is a compilation of 2019 recordings and performances in Chicago as part of the first 思考回路 • Shikoukairo with Tatsu Aoki and musicians involved in his projects, plus new solo tracks.

you can purchase the link below,

The musicians who participated in the album are as follows Edward Wilkerson Jr., Eric Leonardson, Hiroshi Mehata, Jamie Kempkers, Julia A. Miller, Kevin McGrath, Kikù Hibino, Kioto Aoki, Lori Ashikawa, Mai Sugimoto, Mehata Sentimental Legend, Rami Atassi, Tatsu Aoki In connection with the project, we held a release concert in Chicago. more details,


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