My National Treasures series

The emperor lighting.jpg

​「The Emperor」(2020)

A Private treasure that has been passed down from generation to generation in our Mehata clan(目秦氏), which is said to be a clan of the descendants of Qin Shi Huang. The Artwork with such a fictional setting.

forbidden 1848(2020).jpg

​「Forbidden 1848」(2020)

When two or more uncertain elements are layered on uncertain media, the structure becomes the same as "legend".
It is a privilege only for us modern people to had a special 100 years to feel nostalgia for monochrome colors, reel sounds, and record noise.
But it happens to be the same century of frenzy and war, so it also has a specific atmosphere of pain.

If a cultural heritage photographed with a monochrome camera does not actually have color originally, would the coloring function of modern technology misunderstand it as colorful?
It is Old but the condition is Newer than Recent.
Is the blood scary because it is red, or is the scary blood red?

Alloy foil, wooden panel, acrylic, urethane paint,
841mm * 1782mm * 3cm


The emperor lighting variation
The emperor-side
forbidden 1848(2020)