c-eq (シータ・イーキュー)QR code Tracks (2016)

The Sound ArtWork that uses the QR code reader that comes with the smartphone.

Music that does not have the concept of time in the ensemble.
All the sounds are independent, and the start time can be freely set.
By chance combination, you can play music of various atmospheres.


Music tracks have been uploaded to the web page for each
By reading the QR code that has been exhibited at the wall
with the smartphone,
you can listen to the sounds with playing a player that to be
displayed on the web page.
you can enjoy to some extent by listening to each track.
in addition, By reading the different QR code along with
friends or other people,
It is possible to listen to the track in various combinations of
The not only sound that can make a harmonious combination but also are included some non-harmonic noise sound.

(As of losing lottery)

This work was exhibited at solo exhibition 【Noum AMATARA】2016

※If you would like to purchase Art piece on this website,
Please contact to the contact form.
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