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New Work : Noum Zeccyou Nishiki Strorage Jyuboku- Collaboration Work with Koubi Dou

February 18, 2016


completed new work what is collaboration work with first-class hanging scroll company: Koubi Dou

They became Great degree of perfection by first-class technology they have.
heartfelt Thanks! I am so looking forward to exhibit them.

表装専門店 耕美堂
「日本古来の伝統技術である【表装・表具】を継承し、表装文化の創造と発信により、豊かな【表具のある暮らし】を提案する!」 (耕美堂様HPより引用)

Koubi Dou is Founded in 1920,  inherits the traditional technology of Japan.
They have been proposing a rich living with a Japanese traditional mounting ,through the creation and transmission of Japanese mounting culture.
are not only traditional one but also they are doing many kind of new proposal and activities that correspond modern needs through first-class technology they have.

In addition, They have digital content that was very fulfilling.
so, It is one of their charm that we can see their superior technology and the details of the process through demonstration by own hand of owner Mr. Noguchi on youtube etc.

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