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Created by ©Hiroshi Mehata (since 2015)

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NOUM TD-1 Tsuki no Delay おとがおくれてきこえるそうち

sound installation 2017
The sound installation work that by delaying the sound of the whole space, separate the sound from the body, make people aware of how to handle own sound.


Since the advent of portable music players and others,

people who are listening to the sound by headphones while walking in the streets have increased. people became to be able to carry music that others made easily.


In the other hand, People are gradually losing consciousness about handling their own sounds while living a life that closed their ears.



Also, due to the spread of e-mails, chat, etc., visual conversation without a tone of the sound has increased.

Communication misunderstanding and excessive reaction to things occur variously,

because it cannot sense the nuances of feelings received from the voice color of the spoken word.


As a result of losing the sense of communication with the sound like it,

People lost the sense a feeling to consider a neighbor, the Manner of sound that we have had it since long ago.

That is, the sense of grasping sounds and distance feelings in the body has become dull.


In the ticket gate of the station, the people who did earphones make loud sound hitting sound unconsciously.

Whether themselves are now out how much the volume of the sound

How it affects the surroundings, people completely indifferent to those.

They are only interested in music made by others.


Therefore, I think I want you to have an opportunity to regain consciousness about your own sound through the experience of this work.

Please feel your real sound by checking these once by yourself.

・What kind of tone of sounds is that you made a sound?

・feel how it sounds for other people.

and more than anything, I wish it would be great if you could feel the enjoyment of playing with sound.

This work is exhibited to Kameyama Triennale in Japan.