Noum Digital Drawing Works and Prints

Noum Digital art is since 2012,

These are based on the Noum drawings,

I got the freedom of color by the digital format. (If I say them as music example.) Many Possibilities have been extended like effector pedal experiments.

Speed ​​of digital retouching is proportional to the instantaneous energy of imagination in my brain.

Timing is instantaneous, like the explosion of the first sound of the rock band. This is a very important image for the whole of my representation.

Printworks are, Digital Printed on Canvas or paper.


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More Traditional Mode : FusuionNoum series are here.

More POP Mode : POP Noum series are here.

More symbolic Mode : Fusuma Noum Color Mode series are here.

More abstruct Mode : Eyelid series are here.

※If you would like to purchase Art piece on this website,
Please contact to the contact form.
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Created by ©Hiroshi Mehata (since 2015)

Ware Noum

(2012) Hiroshi Mehata Drawings, Plus Digital prosess The size is variable.