Galactic Vein no.2 - Relative eternity (2019)

Galaxtic Vein no.2 PALM.jpg
Urethane paint, acrylic paint, white ink, varnish
Height/Width/Depth : 116.7 x 91 x 3 cm (45.94×35.82×1.18inch)

"Relative eternity."
Since when I was little, I liked to watch closely the shape of the bubbles or tiny Water droplets adhering on the walls. However, they changed the forms soon, even if I found my favorite figure. I had wished to keep their forms forever if it could do. I suppose I made this painting by affected by that memory of its wish.

Under normal circumstances, the stroke of brush-drawn on this screen will spread in a few seconds by the compatibility of the ink and the material of the surface then, lose its figure. Even if I found an excellent one, it can not keep its figure on the screen.
So, I made the speed of spreading "temporarily slow" with a unique method to solve the problem and keep shapes on the screen.

That wishing to keep its figure is that it wants to keep the present situation forever.
We humans, especially the rulers, have wished for possessing "the eternity" since in ancient times.
It is only a human being who wishes to possess "an eternity"?
Incidentally, if we could change the scale we are recognizing, what will the "eternal" form be?

For example, those that are perceived as being fixed on the screen by acrylic paint will eventually come off with time.
Moreover, there are individual differences in the time axis for doing it depending on the substances.
The human also returns to the Energy after temporary formation during about 120 years.
It is the same that planets, galaxies, and perhaps the universe itself as well.

What we recognize as "eternal," it is a relative one.
To own eternity is to freeze and own fragments of the current scale.
Human beings can feel ”now” by cutting out the current situation.
It is often said that our perception is only within the scale of the range we can recognize, so it is said the same as nothing that is beyond our scale exists. 
However, we can imagine at least.

For example, a harmony of sound is not limited to the timing of passing through our ears. It may have harmony again in the memory of us, or in the form of an energy body after deconstructed at the place some light years ahead.
I think that communication is an exchange of harmony of energy.
What we are calling as Eternal love may be something that does not have a superficial form like that.

Galaxtic Vein no.2 PALM 2.jpg

Urethane paint, acrylic paint, white ink, varnish (2019)

116.7cm ×91cm ×3cm (××inches)