Noum Video Works - Super Explosion (2019)

Total duration of the work : 00:03:41

The critical point of light.
The sound that breaks through the light,
What a landscape it was when the universe exploded.

We human beings have been having long for a longing for "speed" since ancient times.
For example, it is like a Horse, Chariot, steam locomotive, F1, Skydiving, Concord, and Warp over the speed of light like SF works, etc.
I believe there are people all over the world who want to get experienced the speed beyond time and space.
In this work, I pursued the ultimate sense of speed felt by human beings "as sensical" through vision and hearing.
What kind of the state of the speed sense do we felt on a limit point area by the human perception when the movement and speed of the image overlap with the flow and speed of the sound? 

The relationship between vision and sound in images has shown various forms in the last 150 years.
When humans first made films on film, the movie did not contain audio.
Through innovation, we now assume that video and sound are almost synchronized.
However, with editing work on TV, audio delay in the long-distance relay, or Youtube, etc., sometimes audio and video are misaligned due to processing errors.
Curiously, even if when it happens, we understand it in the brain as viewed as one content (although there is a sense of discomfort) and watch it.

When vision and hearing show a particular fragment, we tend to associate it automatically by the brain-correction. 
The cause is related to "prediction" and "association" based on memory by one's own experience and animal instinct.
What I realized in this experiment is that the relationship between vision and hearing is connected "spontaneously."
Although it had generated this video and audio separately, 
audiences combine in their brain the two relationships themselves from the innumerable fragment.
This tendency is particularly strong in the case of music such as noise music that has a sound structure that links sound images with their memories from among many fragments.

Through this work, audiences will reaffirm how vague the senses that humans usually perceive.
In other words, the world is what we are creating by ourselves.

Also, its sense of "reality" that we feel about the world may be something that is generated by our illusion, as Buddhism mentioned. It is what everything is regarded as relative, and the idea of itself is also what is not absolutely.

Curiously, this video work differs significantly in the impression depending on the situation of watching it.
The relationship between the two elements dramatically changes depending on the volume, physical condition, screen size, surrounding sounds, and own emotions. 
Depend on the situation, may feel the extreme speed, or sometimes it may feel slow conversely. 
For example, if look three times in a row, it has a different impression every time.

As a result of various experiments, I imagine if the audience experiences this video in front of an industrial Fan, they will probably get a more realistic feeling of speed.

The pursuit of the sense of speed felt by human beings "as sensical " that I experimented this time is an experiment with great interest to me.
I intend to continue further research in the future.

Perhaps a display that clearly shows black rather than a projector is preferable for watching.
※Please be aware of the large volume and intense light.

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