Deposited strata of memory, 3 Shapes of  the Sun, the Atmosphere, the Moon, then the Secret-Track that will be Hidden (2019)

digital print on Japanese Paper, Hanging scroll, CDR-Disk 
Height/Width/Depth : 28cm × 28cm × 2.2cm
(Jacket artwork) 130 x 183 x 3 cm (51.18×24.01×1.18inch)

The theme of this piece is digital duplication and secret music.
Since I was fascinated by the colors of Itō Jakuchū's painting when I met his work first time in 2003, have been influenced by the sense of color that Japanese paintings and Ukiyoe in the Edo period and the early Meiji period have.

In this work, I fused two of my different hand drawing series into one on a computer then improvised colors were added.
One is "an infinite proliferation," and the other is "momentary movements."

What I feel the most sympathetic about making artwork with a PC is the sense of the speed to shape my imagination.
Using with this, before reason and thought activate, I can make works with intuitive senses.
Honestly, its speed is faster than the senses for creating music and, has the closest senses to creating the sound exceeding the sound speed that is my artistic goal.
However, it has one problem.

These works are created by digital printing.
Although it has been discussing in many place long times,
-Can a Reproduction of Digital print Works Become Art?
It has not yet been established the definitive value standard, whether it is worth as a classic art piece unlike a silkscreen or photographic work.
I have been facing this issue for many years.
One day I had forgotten entirely such the issue, I found it in my room.
It was a CD jacket with a considerable size unique package design that would never fit in the CD rack ...

This artwork comes with a hidden track CD-R disk that will not never be replicated. 
This track was created by my own, and its master data was also deleted in my PC after I created.
This is music that will never be publicized, is different from the 20th-century music that is made for distribution or playing to audiences.
It's exactly The Completely Secret track.

Only one purchaser who bought it in the world can listen to this work.
It depends on the will of the purchaser whether to share it or not, of course. 
The purchaser is allowed, for example, sharing for the public, enjoying completely by alone until they died, or making it inherit from generation to generation of descendants of his family like a sacred treasure 
(it is like as 3 treasures for taking the throne of the Japanese imperial family).

Among the Buddha statues in Japan are those that are only exhibited to the public once every several decades, and hidden Buddha statues that are never had exhibited to the public.
It has a presence beyond the fact that it exists actual or not.
Not only Japanese Buddhist art but also ancient religious arts in the world had been hidden in this way and had separated from the natural world. That is, had made them more mystique by hiding the whole view.

-The mystique of the Art that is created by hiding figure, and an album jacket that has been made for as the replicable Artwork.

About music download sales, the distribution system collapsed, by Unlawful downloading and endlessly repeated private reproductions and uploading.
In the present, when the value of music and creator who makes music has fallen because of them, it might be inevitable that special music becomes to what is hidden again.
- music that hides existence by one's intention

This is sympathy to the era in the 1990s when the music industry and the experiment of designing a package as a special deformation jacket were the most flourished, with the artwork that survived as an album jacket.

Music and art are different things basically. But they have linked to each other and made the times.
The art piece that value occurs when it is the only one in the world.
Artwork as jacket design of twentieth-century music that developed as an art to be reproduced, Music that is duplicated and consumed free of charge,
On the other hand, 
Artwork that is considered worthless if it can be reproduced, and Music whose reproduction does not exist in this world.

I want to try exploring those intersections through this work.
Also through this experiment, I want to look for a hint to find out what 21st-century recorded-music should be.

The artwork used as a jacket was created in 2016. The music was created in 2019.

This is printed on traditional Japanese paper.
I asked a craftsman who has been making Japanese hanging scroll for a long time, and, selected and finished all the parts. (To the handle of a string or cloth, to the part made of pottery, etc.)
the most balanced way for displaying is to display these three works, side by side like the format used in the Muromachi period.

*additional information about size.
130cm×61cm×3cm ×3 rolls.
It is necessary the space for an exhibit, Approximately 130cm ×190cm×3cm
(If CDR disk will be exhibited next to works, the size of the Frame is
28cm × 28cm × 2.2cm)

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