Feedback sound by fuzz guitar resonating to noise aberration

due to distorted image roaring sound (2019)

Paint with Acrylic, calligraphic ink, silkscreen print with rubber ink, on canvas, electric guitar
Height/Width/Depth : 182 x 182 x 55 cm (71.65×71.65×21.65inch)

"The Electric guitar that was used by Rock Star,"
It increases the value more it has the marks and scratches they used.
On the other hand, "the electric guitar who used by a general person" whose value is reduced by the increase of scratches and marks.
When is the moment of its borderline switches?

I have always been wondering when I was watching action painting pieces.
The artist creates the work with making it hurts, cutting, beating, throwing the canvas until before the work is completed.
Its handling is very violently.
However, from the moment it was considered completed (in the artist's brain), transporting it is handled very delicately.
What magical change is happening to the substance at that moment?

What we create intentionally will be limited by the intention itself that we have when going beyond a certain area.
Impromptu created by chance beyond human intention,
Noise music exists in the place where both exceeded.
-Feedback noise that echoes to black darkness.
Dissonances overlap and a big swell are created.

The Black color has a depth to swallow all the shades.
There are countless variations in it, and it has the possibilities of various expressions, such as multilayered black in fashion since ancient times, Shadows, black crows, dark matter, black holes, the ultimate black ink (Vantablack).
According to one theory, it is the accumulation of the ultimate color.
Distorted Fuzz sounds with the electric guitar have made the history of rock music, which is most suitable to express frustration or death for so many people all over the world. 
At the same times, the album cover that has black color had decorated various historical music albums.

While Black has strong explosive power,
In the other hands, since ancient times, darkness was something for Japanese people to live with. 
 It is "Ma (Space, or emptiness)" which is the most essential element for Japanese music, especially Noh music.
The essence of its "Ma" has aspects that are communication (fighting, collaboration, or a jam session) with this existence of darkness. 

-The Humidity of the darkness. 
Beyond the concept of zero, the feeling that there is a feeling that there is nothing exists. 
Although it is not visible on the surface, there is always dynamic energy flowing there. 
What I want is the sound that plays the darkness that pulls the sound deep into the back as reverberation. 
The fusion of Sound representing the silent darkness and Roaring sound of the dark echoing in the heart, 
It's just what I wanted to represent with this painting.

Additionally, the value of an electric guitar that has been creating thousands of music together "with me and my suffering," what impression it can add to this work?
I want to watch the moment.

*additional information about canvas size: (91cm×91cm×3cm) × 4panels

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Created by ©Hiroshi Mehata (since 2015)