Galactic Vein (2019)

Urethane paint, acrylic paint, white ink, varnish
Height/Width/Depth : 91 x 116.7 x 3 cm(35.82×45.94×1.18inch)

Somehow, deep Blue has been showing strange charms to us human's heart since ancient times.
Blue stone(lapis lazuli), Blue gained beyond the ocean, Blue painting, Blue of the sky, Blue of our planet, or Blue of Galaxy in the Universe, and the Blue of "The Great Wave off Kanagawa".

One day, when I was surrounded by the sound of 360 degrees and darkness of dark blue at the tip of a lighthouse in the time between evening and night, the waves draw trajectories like a dragon there, its sound was like a high-speed tornado. 
Through this experience of confronting nature, I felt the existence of energy of life in the night.
Surprisingly, in contrast to intense outside movement, the center of my heart was very calm, then I felt a big flow of the atmosphere and was wrapped. Then my conscious gradually went sunk into my deep inner space...

The world has a fractal structure. the planet, material, and emotion, countless sediment layers draw similar patterns of except for the difference between time and scale. 
The sediments of the world in deep-sea, the world in deep psyche, the world after death, all transcending the heart accumulate in our hearts. 
This moment as well. Their shapes draw sedimentary layers like "The Wave (sandstone rock formation in Arizona)".

In this painting, I explored the primitive religious sense born from collective unconsciousness of mankind and the origin of the primitive painting around the world or Japanese art through the memory that sleeps deep inside of our heart, universal movement, sound, impression, atmosphere.
Movement and shape caused by chance, finding the intention of nature in there.
Here, there is a hint for capturing the essence of Japanese art created by a distinctive sense that feels the presence in the world where is neither life nor death. (are such as Oni/demons, Youkai/Japanese folk monster, Yu-Rei /a spirit or ghost, etc.).
Abstract fragments become concrete shapes when they form a mass.
While is told all civilizations in history have a double helix structure,
It's similar for having repeated movements to split up and then integrate.

This is the Beat music of a magnificent scale with various rhythms that have flexible expansion and contraction of time axis overlapping by the beat of the universe, the rhythm of the planet, the flow of the air current. 
Also, it is the representation of the wave Japanese painter has been inheriting.

After three years of trial and error, this series was completed after many experiments.
I repeatedly painted and polished repeatedly to make deep layers using a paint that reproduced the texture of lacquer, then I drew with White ink. but it is drawn with a slightly unusual technique.

By changing the color of lighting, this painting can make a deeper color and impression.

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