What is Noum?

What is Concept Noum (能夢)?

These activities are the locus of adventure to pursue the essence of mystery word Noum

by the experiment with artwork.


about - Japanese

Correlation chart 01 ver2016

①Noum Logo (2011)
②Noise Experimental Music – Album : Noum Zeccyou (2011)
③Noum Drawings – Draw Noum (since 2011)
④Noum Digital Drawings (since 2012)
⑤Shadow Noum Series (since 2014)
⑥Shadow Noum Nega Series (since 2015)
⑦Digital Drawings - Fusuma Noum Color Mode Series (since 2013)
⑧Video Art - Fusuma Noum Star Lights (2014)
⑨Sound / Performance Art with Video projection (since 2011) / Gaiamamoo (since 2012)
⑩Digital Drawings - Noum Zeccyou Nishiki Storage Jyuboku Series (since 2015)
⑪Japanese Traditional Hanging Scroll Processing (since 2016)
⑫Hyoui Noum KanOn Back Shadow Projections (2015)
⑬Shadow Noum GOLD series (2016)
⑭ Large Drawings for back ground of Fender Jazz Master (2015)
⑮ Installation – Roar of Shin Ku (2014)
⑯ Noum Tattoo Sticker (2012)
⑰ Digital Drawings – EyeLid Series (since 2012)
⑱ Hyoui Noum Drawings Series (2015)
⑲ Video Works – Hyoui Noum (2015)
⑳ Hyoui Noum Drawings - Alphabet Digital Prints (2015)
㉑ Merchandise Noum Smart phone case (2014)
㉒ Inheritance of ❝Noum❞ philosophy Music Event by Shogo Haraguchi ❝Tenka Ichi Buzz On Kai❞(since 2016) 
㉓Paintings - Yumeno Mata Yume (2016)
㉔θ-eq (2016)

The Interpretation about Noum (能夢) as the concept of “artwork”


Noum(能夢) is a symbol mark of a chaotic noise that formed by our own memories that have become a cause of the atmospheres that we feel.
Sense and atmosphere that are not visible to the eye that has been influencing the history of Japan and Japanese people, (what have been called Kami, Kegare, Kotodama, etc) ※
that cause is “ an impression” that occurs from the chain reaction of human memory.

“The impression” about particular things and objects,
They are formed with each different form in each our mind.
Fragments that were cut from the memories that including the non-recognition storage accumulated in our unconscious area, are spread around in the field of view of us.

When we recognize something, They cause a chain reaction in infinite combinations by high speed and form “ impression of it ” of for that person's own.

The distance between the reality and the "misunderstanding by impression" that occurred by the imagination like that, has been giving a major influence on the distinctive formation of Japanese culture that absorbs a different culture and alters its essence.

Noum is what symbolized the chaotic noise made by the Chain reaction of impressions which are spread like fog in sight.

and also, For me, The structure of these visual symbols is the music itself.
or, are also a generic term of world sound debris elements that fell spilled from its category at the moment of it was categorized as “MUSIC” by Western culture in Hundreds of years ago.
This is one sample of a sense of value for capturing the musical sense as visually.
By giving the visual information,
the viewer will be able to play their own music that is inside of unconscious storage area in own mind by unleashing their synesthesia.
My totality activity is one of the choices to get to know the sense of handling the sound.
And is also for making an inlet to many people that to get to know the music that we are doing.
However, These are one of the interpretations for Noum.
because, in fact, 
There is a lot of meaning of Noum depending on each person's interpretations. 
so, the real meaning of Noum for you is in your mind.

※ In other words, love, kindness, happiness, unhappiness, aura, spirit, etc.

※If you would like to purchase Art piece on this website,
Please contact to the contact form.
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