7 Reverberation tones - graphic score (2019)

This is a graphic score for the performance instruction for seven musicians.
Make a sound phrase in the shape of the calligraphy of the shape that came around to the symbol of the angle you are in charge of.
Performers who play symbols inside the counter-rotating triangle will play long tones or free phrases.
This is the DEMO version. 
During the actual performance, play a set of 15 or 10 minutes.

If you would like to play using this score, please contact us

“Noum graphic notation no.1- 7 Reverberation Tones- Shadow影動”
This work uses moving music scores to add time to shape interpretation and to constantly move the gravitational system from instability to stability, like a cycle of celestial bodies, resulting in life as a result of a space-time tour. 
It is an attempt to represent the shape and grasp the essence of the universe.
The cycle in which life is born and disappears by the happening that occurs when the laws collide with each other by chance represents the reincarnation of the universe itself.

Musicians will be playing in two different modes while using the same score.
First, after grasping the sensation by 1, move on to 2 with more complicated conditions. 

The rule of this composition is below.

mode 1 introduction "Mission"

Each player is assigned a fixed symbol and plays a phrase of that shape in each interpretation. The player whose symbol is inside the backward triangle is free to play outside the limit while the triangle is present. 

mode2 movements "crossing"
Each player is assigned a fixed Noum logo position and plays phrases with different symbol shapes that come around in that order in each interpretation. 
When if the retrograde triangle enters your position,

① If the symbol is in your area, switch the phrase to legato
② If the symbol is not in your area, you can play freely outside the restrictions. 

The Concept is below.

First movement "mission"
The form of life that each person recognizes as an "individual" in terms of social awareness. 
What each draws is a thought/action pattern that depends on one's own experience and environment. 
While changing the time and repeating it over and over again, by the accidental encounter, I know the release from the fixed frame. 

Second movement "Crossing"
The dimension moves from the individual to live.
Each of them has already been released from the mission that they had fixed themselves by social consciousness, and just melted themselves into their senses.

In other words, it is "freedom of life" as a consciousness, and by acquiring a flexible spirit, you will relive various patterns that come around. A new life emerges due to the intersection of various trajectories that have been consciously produced. It is the locus that the shape of this universe is accidentally created by the circulation, as we are on Earth and humans.




「Noum graphic notation no.1 - 7 Reverberation Tones- Shadow」



Play mode 1 introduction 「使命」


Play mode2 movements 「交差」








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